D-Fence eSec email protection

D-Fence eSec email protection

D-Fence high availability security service protects corporate email communication, the company and it's employee's against cyber threats. The higher data security creates better risk management and increase the corporate competitive edge.

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D-Fence eSec email protection

Protects your email, personnel and business
The only solution on the market that rejects threats instead of just filtering them to the end-user for sorting and disadvantage. D-Fence eSec protects communication, rejects threats and ensure the real email transmission to the users.
Advanced identification technology and protection against constantly changing cyber threat environment protecting the entire organization's email communication. The unique outcome is the result of over 15 years of development work. D-Fence eSec has been specially developed for corporate and business use and is compatible with all email systems and cloud services.

Feature Signify BENEFIT Outcome
Eliminate spam box / quarantine administration totally Reject the threats instead of filtering them to the end user responsibility Higher corporative data security level The data security is cont- rolled & managed by the CIO, not the end user
Cyber intrusion prevention Reject all connection attemps from fraud email systems Protection against cyber criminal activities Signal throughout the orga- nization, that the safety of the personnel and business is important to the company
Ensure the valid email income and reject the malicious flow No more important emails lost in the spam box and hunting them down Total cost savings Improve the productivity as well as well-being of the personnel
Frequent email system security audit & reporting to the CIO D-Fence S.T.A. check the client email system and warns from potential vulnerabilities & errors Ensure the email system security Enables the data security quality management and is also an important measure- ment tool for the CIO
The only solution on the market that contain all these features Client can choose the state of the art – solution for he’s security supplier The most competitive option for the client Peace of mind & security, which helps D-Fence clients direct all effort to productive business actions

Centralized solution
D-Fence eSec protects all corporate email communication, email systems and devices.
The service is also excellent for the cloud environment, ensuring corporate business continuity in possible network error situations.

Higher security with cost management
D-Fence eSec service combines high-quality and cost-effectiveness: The service rejects threats, instead of transferring them to the end-user by spam folder or quarantine management. D-Fence eSec does not requi- re any user user management, monitoring or maintenance.
The unique functional approach improves the corporate security level and at the same time creates cost savings by eliminating extra management by the end-users.

Quality system
The company is following quality system in all processes. This guarantees that our services are in compliance with the high quality management standards.

Quality system
The company is following quality system in all processes. This guarantees that our services are in compliance with the high quality management standards.

MS 365 security upgrade to 365 + level

Microsoft 365 cloud includes basic level spam- and malware filtering. The D-Fence eSec 365 security solutionsuits to all cloud based solutions.
The basic security level is easy to upgrade with D-Fence eSec security solution to protect the organization and all eployee’s also against the latest cyber threats, including email intrusions. Microsoft itself also allows the usage of the third party security solutions, as mentioned separately in the Microsoft’s technical overview.

MS 365 MS 365 +
Multi-layer virus protection
Malware protection
The malware detection is also carried on with commercial, award winning AV software
Junkmail filtering to spam boxes for the end-users administarion and responsibility
Junkmail protection without end-user administaration for error prevention
Spear phishing protection
ATP Protection (Advanced threat protection)
TLS/SSL protocol
24 x 7 x 365 Helpdesk in english and finnish
Detailed monthly security report


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