G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android

G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android

Protect your mobile life with G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android

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Wherever you go, whatever you do: Enjoy the freedom to surf securely. Savor the pleasures of the digital world with G DATA Mobile Internet Security – and put an end to phishing, spying and data theft.

Safe in public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi comes with your cup of coffee like milk froth with your cappuccino. At the coffee shop, in the hotel room or at the airport: Wi-Fi is everywhere. Protect your data in open networks and stop criminals from reading along. With the VPN module your e-mails, bank transactions and your surfing behavior stay secret. Enjoy more security, at home and on your way. In addition, the VPN module compresses your data traffic in order to spare your data allowance. A clever solution for those who love to be online – everywhere they go.
Protected in the internet

No matter where you plug into the internet, the integrated browser of G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android and iOS securely protects you from phishing attacks and blocks dangerous or faked websites. The G DATA security app allows laid-back surfing on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
For a happier digital childhood

And it is just as easy to make the digital world a safe place for your children: With G DATA Mobile Internet Security your children only see what is good for them. They learn how to have fun with digital media within a protected and individually defined cyber space. You decide which websites your kids are allowed to explore. Sit back and relax while your children safely experience the internet.
Keep control of your mobile devices

If you lose or misplace your smartphone or tablet, G DATA Mobile Internet Security helps you to quickly find it. Locate your smartphone or tablet via the G DATA online platform. Within a few clicks you know whether your smartphone is in your pocket or if you have left it in the office. Before the battery dies, the G DATA app transmits one last time the location of your device, so you can still find your device when it is powered off. And G DATA stands for the strict German data privacy act –ensuring the safety of your data and coordinates.

Best service for your G DATA Mobile Internet Security

Action Center
Keep an eye on all your Android and iOS devices from wherever you are: The G DATA online platform Action Center enables you to locate and administer smartphones and tablets via a single interface.
24/7 Support
If you experience any kind of problem, give us a call or send us an e-mail. Our support team is there for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Privacy & security

Malware scanner
Finds and immediately purges malware. The cloud connected malware scanner blocks out cyber criminals from your device.
Encode and compress your data – to protect your privacy and spare your data usage. Activate the VPN module in your Mobile Internet Security app or purchase G DATA Mobile Internet Security Plus, which includes the VPN module.
Protection against dangerous apps
Use the app check to verify the permissions of apps and thus detect nosy spy apps.
Protected contacts
Store all contacts in a protected area and give them a password. All data, messages and call lists associated with these contacts are then only accessible to you.

Secure browser

Phishing protection
G DATA makes browsing stress-free: The integrated browser protects you from phishing attacks and also warns you from potentially dangerous websites.
Security for your children
Hand your device over to your children with a clear conscience - thanks to the configurable parental controls with web protection, app blocking and many other functions.

Locating & alarm

Localize your Android device with G DATA Mobile Internet Security. Identify the position of your smartphone or tablet via your browser. Thereby, you quickly see whether you left your device at home or you lost it.
Alarm function
Transform your Android device into an alarm system via the Action Center: Simply log in the Action Center and press the alarm button. Even when your smartphone or tablet is in silent mode, you can easily find your device.

Device control

Locate a lost or stolen device via the G DATA Action Center. Block your SIM card slot, if someone attempts to change your SIM card. To protect and keep your messages and photos safe from unauthorized access you can reset your device back to factory setting.
You can also determine a time span in which your children can use the Android device. After the lapse of time the smartphone or tablet switches off automatically.

Service & system requirements

System requirements
You do not have a Google account? No problem. Buy G DATA Mobile Internet Security comfortably in our online shop – without registration at Google.
System requirements
G DATA Mobile Internet Security is available for Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher.


G DATA Mobile Internet Security is available for Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

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