Iolo System Mechanic Family License 1 year

Iolo System Mechanic Family License 1 year

The Most Advanced Approach to Maximum PC Performanceiolo technologies is proud to introduce the most powerful and effective version of System Mechanic ever created.

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Nettoyage et réparation avancés
Compatible avec Windows 1

Experts unanimously agree that System Mechanic is the most effective way to restore and maintain maximum PC speed and stability. It safely and automatically finds and fixes computer problems created by regular, everyday use that drag down the speed and stability of PCs over time, and it keeps computers running like new for as long as you own them. System Mechanic also uses patented technology to inject even more horsepower back into your PC for increases in startup speeds, web surfing, gaming, and other high-performance computing activities.

Consistently recognized as the most effective performance-boosting program of its kind by leading experts and independent labs such as PC Magazine, CNET, The New York Times, and Wired Magazine, System Mechanic offers an all-inclusive solution to the myriad of problem sources that result in computer slowdowns, hiccups, freezes, and crashes. Its uniquely comprehensive approach to optimization and repair makes System Mechanic the ultimate in PC performance-tuning software.

Among the hundreds of new improvements and technological breakthroughs throughout the product, version 10 unveils a pair of patent-pending performance tools that will supercharge your PC’s performance like never before. Plus, for those of us who have several computers at home, System Mechanic 10 debuts iolo’s revolutionary Whole Home Licensing™ Program where a single product license can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs in a single-family household at no extra cost.*

A major breakthrough in PC performance technology, Program Accelerator, the world’s first Program Realignment Tool™, uses a newly discovered patent-pending calibration technology to supercharge program performance by intelligently re-aligning programs with their dependent files for maximum speed. The result is significantly – and very noticeably – faster program launching and far more responsive overall performance.

Prior to Program Accelerator, all software experienced an irreversible and progressive slowdown over time as the related files that make up a program installation became increasingly scattered around the hard drive from repeated Windows and software updates and other file moves. Obsolete disk defragmenters couldn’t solve this problem, and in many cases actually made it worse. After years of study and an intense laboratory testing effort, System Mechanic engineers finally solved the problem, filed a patent, and made the technology available to the public exclusively through the new Program Accelerator tool in System Mechanic 10.

This revolutionary invention uses a proprietary method to scan for misaligned program files, and then determines how they should be grouped together for fastest access. Program Accelerator then groups and re-aligns each program’s related files for the absolute fastest program load and run time possible.


PC running Windows 7, Vista, or XP
CD or DVD drive (for CD-based installations)
Approximately 120 MB free hard drive space
At least 256 MB RAM
Internet Explorer 6 (Service Pack 2) or later
Internet connection (required for license activation)

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