Steganos Online Shield VPN

Steganos Online Shield VPN

The Internet how I want it. Safe. Private. Ad-free.

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Protège la connexion internet avec cryptage AES 256 bits
Bloque les publicités et les fenêtres pop-up

Safe from hackers and
without ads

Worldwide protection in every WiFi and wireless

Free from regional
content blocks

Maximum anonymity and
free from observation

Stronger than ever. As easy as always.

Surf carefree, and let Steganos Online Shield VPN
take care of the rest.

With just one click

Surf safely, privately and ad-free

Conceal IP addresses and blocks ads

Steganos Online Shield VPN protects your IP address. This way, hackers can no longer identify you as a potential victim. Ads on websites are blocked.

Encrypts internet connection

Steganos Online Shield VPN encrypts your data traffic with the highly secure AES-256-bit method. This way, you are protected from cyber criminals in every WiFi,LAN and wireless network (3G, LTE/4G,EDGE und GPRS)

Access regionally blocked content

Choose the location of one of the secure Steganos servers and regain access to blocked content and websites. For example watch localized content on BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube.

Makes your surfing profile anonymous

The integrated Internet Anonym technology hides your identity online and makes tapping into your personal data difficult.

Individual Protection. Full control.

State-of-the-art technology like AES-256-VPN and the new Multiplex-Filter follow your command. You are in control.

Hackers are a constant threat in the internet. Passwords and credit cards are stolen daily, online accounts are emptied and confidential data are spied on—despite anti-virus programs and firewalls. In order to display customized advertisements, companies create search profiles of potential customers. Nowadays, Facebook knows more about us than our friends. International intelligence agencies collect private data and read personal e-mails and chats.

Encryption as the basis for private and safe surfing

With Steganos Online Shield VPN, we as experts in online security software are now giving the user a simple-to-operate program that minimizes risk in the internet.

Advertisements are filtered out and blocked content is unlocked. Encryption with VPN („Virtual Private Network“) technology is the essential cornerstone of freedom and safety in surfing. Steganos Online Shield VPN encrypts your entire internet trac, regardless of which WiFi you log into. Your personal data are shielded from hackers and spies via Steganos' high-security server. If you wish, you can even move through the internet anonymously.

The internet as it should be

For the first time, Steganos Online Shield VPN has integrated the technology of the Steganos Internet Anonymous VPN. Besides a VPN encryption, you now get the added benefits of further options and can decide as of today whether online shops should know about your surfing habits. In addition, an ad-blocker makes unwanted advertisements simply disappear.

What's more, with just one mouse click, users can stop the surveillance of their internet activities by social networks like Facebook and Twitter. By selecting a location from one of Steganos' secure servers, users have access to blocked content and can use BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube for example, without limitations.

  • NOWNow contains the functionality of Steganos Internet Anonymous (for making browsers anonymous, among other things)
  • NEW: Protects internet connection with 256-bit AES encryption
  • NEW: multiplex engine for fast and secure surfing without slow browser plug-ins
  • NEW: Blocks advertisements
  • NEWSimple operation through preset defaults
  • NEW:Displays other devices in network that could pose a threat
  • NEW: Prevents social tracking by Facebook and Twitter
  • NEW: Automatically deletes cookies after surfing
  • Protects with one mouse click
  • Secure connection with fast, encrypted servers in 12 countries
  • Premium license contains protection for Android smart phones or tablets


Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8 or 7: min. 1 GB RAM (32 & 64 Bit)
200MB available disk space, Internet connection
Steganos Online Shield VPN iOS and Android apps are availabe for free on the App Store and on Google Play.

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