Parental Filter 2

Parental Filter 2

Parental Filter 2 allows you to control and monitor exactly what your child can see and do in every conceivable scenario.

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5 profils de filtrage des sites Internet sont adaptés à un âge et à une maturité différente (enfant, préadolescent, adolescent, jeune adulte et adulte)

Armed with ICE, Intelligent Content Evaluation, a proprietary filtering technology, Parental Filter 2 can help you feel calmer about letting your kids use the internet. ICE looks at images, keywords, web addresses and more to comb through internet content and make sure that adult topics are not accessible to your children. You deploy this sophisticated tool after a quick and easy installation process. This parental control software has a user-friendly interface that allows you to set up unique profiles for different users, so you can increase protection for younger children. You can even add a specific photo for each child to his or her profile, which is password protected. It is easy to add additional profiles as needed.

The interface for this child monitoring software is unique and straightforward. Instead of blocking all sites that talk about the keyword "drugs," for instance, you can use a slider to decide not only whether you want to allow or block access to that topic for each user, but also what level of filtering you want to apply for that term. There are suggested levels for children, preteens, teens and adults.

Time is another dimension that you can customize. You can limit the duration of any particular session by minutes per day, hours per week or hours per month. You can also allow or block access by specific calendar time slots. And you have control over the type of access that you permit by specifying web access, FTP, incoming email or outgoing email.

If you want to the record screen activity of one of your children, you can control the frequency of screen captures from one every second to one every 10 minutes, and you can keep the captured screens for one week or one month.

This user-friendly parental filter software captures the number of websites that your child visits and lets you know if the child attempted to reach any of the sites that you selected to filter. This software also records which applications your child runs and how long they keep them open.

You can use Profil Parental Filter 2 to block or allow certain websites. You can create specific whitelists and blacklists. You also control how the parental software detects pornographic images. As soon as pornography is revealed, the site that it came from is blacklisted. Blocking all such sites may slow down your web surfing, but the tradeoff for speed is that pornography must reveal itself one time before being blocked. The normal recommended pornographic image detection mode is to analyze images as they are downloading and block them from display if they are pornographic. The normal mode is skewed toward speed more than detection accuracy. The strictest detection mode is also the mode with the slowest speed: It favors precise detection of unwanted images and blocks them from display.

Another level at which this parental software blocks and filters is language. You can choose to allow all languages except the ones that you select. Or you can block all languages except the list that you allow. Control over email addresses also allows you to permit all addresses except for a list of banned ones. Or you can block all addresses except for a list of allowed ones. It is also possible to block access to specific Windows folders and drives. Other system security features allow you to block access to the Start menu, Administrative Tools, Command Prompt, Add/Remove Programs, My Computer and My Network Places. You can also control when a user has access to specific applications.


Windows XP, Vista, 7
RAM: 1 Gb
At least 300 Mb minimum space for the HD
Minimum screen resolution 800 X 600

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